MSR_002: Neuro Basses


218 Neuro Basses to up the aggression in your next track!


The second in a series of royalty-free sample packs – Neuro Basses contains over 200 bass one shots in the neuro style of bass music.

In Neuro Basses you will find:

  • 75 Short Bass One Shots
  • 13 Long Bass One Shots
  • 11 Multi Bass One Shots
  • 9 Octave Bass One Shots
  • 4 Sub Bass One Shots
  • 66 Reese Bass One Shots
  • 16 Long Reese Bass One Shots
  • 6 Multi Reese Bass One Shots
  • 11 Reese Bass Sample Fodder Samples
  • 6 FX One Shots – 3 Hits, 3 Risers

All samples and are recorded and processed from scratch by Mussar, and provided as 24-bit, 44.1 kHz .wav files. 218 samples total.


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